March 13, 2009

Get to it, man

Sod meerkats and flashmobs, this ad is the dog’s bollocks. It’s so awful, it’s brilliant and has even garnered 1,000 complaints (which I am sceptical about, because of the PR), so it must be good.
A housewife orders her overacting husband to clean the oven, treating him like a baby. There are men who pay good money for that sort of treatment.
Actually, about those complaints… the recession must really be kicking in: one thousand lazy buggers fired first because their declining employers have eyeballed the dead wood and trimmed them. Bereft of their elastic bands and half-hourly wank breaks, these layabouts took umbrage at this wifely ad that pokes at their manhood. And complained.
Tough shit. Get off your arse and clean the oven like a real man, and then crack open a beer with your teeth.


Will said...

I liked the ad, but loved the writing.

Mate - you should write for the Daily Mash. Or The Onion or somesuch.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

It wouldn't work cos I use the word "fuck" too often

Anonymous said...

I hated this ad, but not because of the reverse sexism. It's just the crap acting and the really crap script. As for the bitch standing over the half wit bloke, she just needs her jaw breaking.