May 06, 2008

Citroen, shut it

My initial pleasure at the beginning of Citroen’s current campaign is changing into bafflement. It was good to see the usual numpties complaining about national stereotyping, hilariously nailing the Germans into the No Sense of Humour pigeonhole.
A problem arises with the continuation of the campaign, where the supporting press and poster ads employ some painful puns.
Modern cars are uniformly dull, especially the German ones. Mechanically superb, the driver is almost an afterthought. A baby Audi looks like a small grown up Audi. French cars, on the other hand, retain a unique character throughout their range. The particular Citroen model advertised here is top of the range, where you’d need to spend some serious money to acquire one. I can’t see how turning the car into a joke improves the brand.


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of course, some Germans do not conform to the stereotype