March 31, 2008

Be a real man

So that was Easter, that time of the year when we celebrate the anniversary of baby Jesus being nailed to a chocolate cross. Confusement reigns Chez Chimp at the almost complete lack of any religious reference on the packaging of the seemingly hundreds of chocolate eggs consumed by the three small inheritors of my DNA.
Here's my personal favourite, received by Chimplet #1, which appears to condone anal rape while delivering a confusing message about eating raw eggs and being a REAL man. Somewhere there is a holy scripture which records the religiously significant event of the holy prophet John Cena packing Gnarls Barkley's fudge in a wrestling ring, presumably after eating a fortifying man-meal of raw eggs and that staple of the macho diet, jelly-filled mallows.
Very odd.

See also: Wrestlers have nipples removed by Jetpack (ouch)

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