July 20, 2007

Fox caught shoplifting

Sitting alone in my cloud-level pod atop Giraffe Towers is a favourite pastime. I appreciate the opportunity to contemplate the important things in life, such as Is It True That Robert Maxwell Used To Stand On The Roof Of The Mirror Building And Piss On The Little People Below?
We've seen agencies rip each other off (M&C Saatchi / MFI - CP+B /Ikea), and ad agencies rip off TV (Fallon / Sony Balls - David Letterman Show). Now we have Big Media ripping of an ad agency.
Pissing On The Little People isn't quite how I'd classify the peculiar story that tells how Leo Burnett USA pitches a marketing idea to a prospective client, has it rejected and then sees said client run the idea anyway.
There's this wee radio snippet explaining how the much-covered Simpsons / 7-11 tie in idea was ripped off from Leo by Fox.
Ad agencies are like tax men, traffic wardens and street mime artists - they're there for the slapping, so it seems. Ownership of ideas is a hard thing to prove, but Leo's story sounds convincing. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out.

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