June 04, 2007

Loving the Olympic logo, part 1

"We don't do bland." Thus spaketh Lord Seb Coe, officially the third blandest sportsman this country has ever produced (according to the CMM league table the wooden broccoli award went to Nigel Mansell and Tim Henman, both in joint first place), about the logo for the 2012 London Olympics.
I'm going to buck the obvious trend and say that the official logo is a damn fine piece of work. The fact that the great British public hates it proves its worth (as any despairing planner will reluctantly agree when those ignorant numpties blast that fabulous idea in pre-testing). I know it's good because my 13 year-old said so.
I like the logo because it says a loud "Fuck Off" to the way the rest of the world has branded previous Olympics. It's extremely difficult on the eye, looks like a car crash in Mr Man world, and is the gayest shade of pink (a provocation in the offing to homophobe Tellytubbie-hating Poles and Bible Belt Extremists).
I sincerely hope that Mr Bland doesn't cave in to the tide of disgust and change it.


Make the logo bigger said...

Well, I guess anything that makes Camilla Parker Bowles look like Posh Spice can’t be all bad.

copyranter said...

I also don't hate it, for some reason.

Rob Mortimer said...

Only Nigel Mansell could lose the world championship due to an exploding tire on the last race of the season and STILL not do anything mental.

Still. Bloody brilliant driver. The only person I recall ever completely outwitting the great Ayrton Senna.

(Hungaroring in about 1990, overtook BOTH Senna and an Onyx car at the same time in probably the greatest overtaking maneovre ive seen in 18 years of watching F1.)

But yeah, good point. Though when its moving I quite like the logo.

mediawasp said...

Well said.