June 25, 2007

For you, the games are over

Something very curious is going on with Bryan Ferry's favourite bank, Barclays, who are trying to buy Dutch finance house ABN Amro. Some commentators, aware of Dutch sensitivities about Naziism, have complained about Barclays' Teutonic-looking logo, which bears a close resemblance to the eagle emblem that frequently accompanied the swastika.
Here's the Barclays eagle:
Barclays are likely to drop the eagle in the Netherlands (should the takeover of ABN Amro go ahead), but I'd be very surprised if it disappeared in the UK. According to the BBC, Barclays have been using the eagle logo for over 250 years.
This isn't the first time we've heard of such comparisons.
The London 2012 Olympics logo, which I still like, had a heap of criticism dumped upon it. One of the less regular complaints was that if you squinted really hard and looked at it from the side while standing on your head with a halibut in your mouth, then the logo looked like a swastika.
I would like to apply my mighty marketing brain and (on the Red Adair principle of using an explosion to blow out a fire) suggest Barclays become the main sponsor of the 2012 Olympics. This would show the world that Barclays is a truly global brand interested in promoting joy and good health and healthy competition.
Here's my design for a new logo. I'd go for a monotone approach, because I think grey colouring would evoke the calming effect of England's skies. And I know our dear mayor Ken would like it.
A bill for £750,000 is in the post.

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