June 27, 2007

Gateway to ad heaven

I'm trying to tune in to the zeitgeist of 1993 to figure out why this Gateway ad wasn't taken out and shot. Maybe the shock of the recent ERM crisis immunised the almost-bust British population against crappily-presented price messages.
Gateway, if memory serves, eventually became Somerfield. Not an improvement, if the Lady of the House's opinion is to go by ("We're out of milk - off to pikey old Somerfield then").


Jetpacks said...

A lot was going on in '93 according to Wikipedia, but my guess is this ad for Gateway was a subtle homage to the American rapper Natawhis Schuldt, AKA Mr.Wicked, who died on February 23rd of that year.

I don't know why they didn't have the actors get all chav/chavette though. Seems sort of disrespectful to the memory of Mr. Wicked.

FishNChimps said...

Natawhis Schuldt. That's got to be an anagram of something bad.

NGS said...

The fuck you know about Natawhis Schuldt? He isn't Mr.Wicked, He's Mr.Peacemaker. His Homie Vladimir Kiljoy Is Mr.Wicked.