August 13, 2008

More insanity: medical woo

Hell, I'd almost forgotten about this one. Sent in months ago by one of my spies in Northern Ireland is this piece of witchdoctory woo that'd be right up HRH's street (see previous post). To think, this is supposed to be the 21st century and people still believe this bullshit works, even on animals. If anyone can prove to me that homeopathy is more effective than a placebo, then I'll give up swearing. Yes, I'm that fucking serious.
Even sadder is that there's a FUCKING HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITAL ON THE NHS!!!!! I only recently discovered this and wonder how much money is being spent on a 200 year-old unchanging dogma (where's the progress in homeopathy vs conventional medicine?) invented by a single bloke (versus untold millions of rigorously researched and scrutinised experiments and trials undertaken by hordes of doctors following the ruthlessly effective scientific method) , which would be better spent on something trivial like, oh, cancer or even nurses' wages.
Oh, don't get me started.

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