August 14, 2008

A bag of gems in the Metro

Naturally, it was the ice-skating chimps that drew me to Metro's website today (Metro: London's freebie morning newspaper). But then, a quick browse unearthed the following epic fuck-up from Birmingham Council.
I can't recall ever having any nice experiences there. Last time I went to Birmingham I was walking through Witton cemetary and spotted some chap sitting behind a gravestone. "Morning", I said. He replied, "No, just having a shit." That's how bad it is.
Speaking of waste, the Council really did send out these leaflets and, get this, included a picture of the Birmingham skyline. Er, not the Birmingham, Warwickshire skyline, but that of Birmingham, Alabama. WTF...?
But the Metro version of the story reminds me that the website's resident picture monkey is still writing the captions. Sure enough, his trite comments also lighten up stories about porn and Bigfoot.

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