August 25, 2008

GB's Olympic haul

This is the final ranking of the top 10-performing countries in the Beijing Olympics (from the BBC):

Firstly, Australia. Yes, we know Brits are sedentary, crippled by competition-averse political correctness, and very fat. And you expected to thrash our pants in Beijing.


And The Sun responded in its usual xenophobic manner.

Secondly, George Galloway. Early in August, his radio show on Talksport was the epitomy of gloating cynicism.
In response to a caller optimistic about Team GB's chances:
"I’m sure they’ll do better than St Kitts & Nevis and one or two other smaller countries but as a country of 60 million people with the fourth or fifth biggest economy in the world and with a history of having not only participated well but invented many of the sports being competed for in the Olympics, do you think we’ll be getting a return on the investment we’ve made on the sport?
"I think in fact for the money we’ve invested in sport we’re going to get a miserable haul in medals."

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Stan Lee said...

Great Britain?

Isn't that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern ireland?

Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is not one country but four.

Might be worth wheeling GB out for the Ashes next year too. Along with the South African English captain.

George Parker said...

Here in the US, they have themselves on top... 'Cos unlike the rest of the world where the most Golds put you in front, here they count all the medals, even the fucking lead one's. Of course, if they had won the most golds, they would score it that way... Fucking douchenozzles.

FishNChimps said...

Why can't we all just get along?

Apart from the bleedin' Aussies.