February 06, 2008

Marks & Spencer's soft furnishings

Much amusement is generated by an uncharacteristic cock-up from Marks & Spencer, the Nearly Dead But Now Thriving Nicely Thank You retail giant that was once best known for its sensible underwear. Perhaps extending its range to include furniture caused a tad too much confusement at Castle St Michael.
Sadly, this error has been removed from the website but you can still see pics of the Tribeca range.
It has nice cushions, you know.
via The Register


pisspoorenglish said...

surely an on purpose mistake! wouldn't mind getting that in the post that's for sure.

(thanks for the linky by the way)

George Parker said...

And the poor fucker's got "durable hardwood feet" That's a bit of a turn on actually. You know the Kaisers got a fucking big blow up of this behind the bathroom door.
Hey... Sign up for my ooVoo day gig, or I'll start doing rude posts here.

The Kaiser said...

Parker, it's in the fucking living room actually. And it's HUGE.