January 24, 2008

Axe aims for girls with the munchies

The old cliché that girls like chocolate is the idea behind this creation for Axe (aka Lynx). The adolescent approach of this brand’s advertising is more often hit than miss. It has to keep its pecker up to maintain interest in its never-ending range of spin-off smells.

I suppose that it’s agreeable that young teenage boys smell of chocolate rather than, well, teenage boys, but in my part of Essex the best way to woo a girl is with a nicely presented bag of hot chunky chips.

This time, me no likey.

Agency: VegaOlmosPonce, Argentina

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Renegade Agency said...

Nothing says sexy like bulging candy glaucoma eyes. Ruined an otherwise great concept for me.

Chris said...

I'll never look at chocolate Easter bunnies the same way again.

Andrea said...


It has its moments of 'ok', some moments of 'meh' and others of 'bleh'. The effort of making a dummy out of chocolate should be appreciated but he looks way too scary to be taken seriously!

FishNChimps said...