October 30, 2007

Big floppy ears, but still vermin

You can see what's happening here, can't you? Those pesky Argentinian Y&R scamps thought we'd see ickle bunnies frolicking harmlessly on the Teletubbie lawn (more here). "Aaaaaah", we're supposed to coo.
Wrong. It's a bleedin' waste, that's what I see. Rabbits are vermin, 'tis true, but they're also an abundant source of low fat meat, delicious in pies and stews.
Here in England there's a slow realisation that another form of vermin, grey tree rats, are even more destructive than bastard bunnies.
I have seen squirrel pie on the menu. Let's eat them all and let the little British red squirrel reclaim the trees. Mind you, that's probably racist talk, that.
I like badgers.
This is wrong:

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