December 12, 2008

RT - just one letter away from Car Crash

Blimey, you don’t see many of these any more.
This ad has been haunting the Sky channels for several weeks reminding me just how good Sky News really is. It’s for Russia Today, a satellite news channel which I checked out this morning to find 15 minutes of features about tractors and wood, all delivered in somebody’s idea of an American accent.
The astounding thing about this video is that it’s even bothering with the Butterfly Effect as a means of differentiating the channel from the mass of others available on satellite TV.
I mean, when do these rolling news channels ever have the inclination or the resources to pursue the origins of a topic to its convoluted and largely irrelevant source? Mind you, their wood story this morning was pretty detailed, and there was a peasant in it wearing some smart shoes, which was nice.
You wouldn’t see that on the BBC.

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