March 09, 2008

Tiscali screws around

Q: What are the three words you don't want to hear when having sex?
A: "Darling, I'm home!"
That one's straight out of the Bob Monkhouse Joke Book, circa 1973.
Circa 1973 is also where you're likely to find the first draft of this shamefully inept horror that's currently haunting British telly. Remember, that cowpat from Specsavers is still doing the rounds... you wait forever for a truly shite piece of advertising, and lo! two come at once.
The fact that both ads are being shown over and over and over, it shows that the strategy is the one I call The Chinese Water Torture. It's starts off as a mild irritation and progresses to being a drill hammer straight into your brain. That's the plan - it'll annoy the pants off you, but you'll remember the brand. Sadly for them, Tiscali also have pages of websites dedicated to slagging off their risible broadband service.
As we all know, today's consumers are more inclined to research online, especially for techie stuff. By Googling "Tiscali" and "complaints", the obvious conclusion would be: crappy ad, crappy service.

1 comment:

Rob Mortimer said...

It doesn't even get the punch line working properly. It's really lacklustre.

And unless they have changed hugely I would never ever use Tiscali.