August 08, 2007

Hiatus of sorts

Blogging is part of my Big Brother Avoidance Plan (the same goes for Reality TV generally), a large part of which involves reading what others have written. I'm feeling so out of the loop at present because I'm actually (get this) working, meaning that my posts are rather rushed. Even the monkeygirls are at full stretch, and the builders are still constructing my brand lab...
There's always some other interesting stuff going on, and I regret not being able to give Bill Green's Plaid Brand Aid Tour deserved attention (a terrific idea: pack up your colleagues in a van and Go On A Tour). The pic is from his firm's portfolio and immediately got me curious.
Plus some gob shite(s) mugged one of my blogging pals.


Will said...

Cheers for the good wishes mate. My insurers are doing my head in..

Make the logo bigger said...

We also offer a monkey girl stretching service too, for that busy blogger on the go.