June 29, 2009

There's real gold, and there's chav gold

Somebody's getting rich in this recession, and they probably look like this guy, smiling happily as a certain class of person flogs off the family gold. I say "a certain type", because if the following extraordinary ad is anything to go by, the target market is the plasma poor. This is the British tribe that thinks having a wad of cash and talking posh makes you posh, but as any fule kno, they are betrayed by the gold-standard of lower class chavdom: having a telly that's bigger than their front room.
Just watch this ad and weep, cos you'll be needing to cash in your gold to pay for the new screen that you've just smashed in exasperation. Christ, are these actors on acid?


Will said...

I saw that ad last night, and was convinced it was a spoof.

Fuck, maybe some meeja agency somewhere believes i'm the target. Jesus, that'll keep me awake tonight.

Rob Mortimer said...

Plasma poor is so spot on. You should work for Mosaic chimp

soxer123 said...

Christ, that's even worse than the two ads running on the subject where I live. It's proppa loadsa cash Harry Enfield isn't it ?

pixymagic said...
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