February 26, 2009

Leave the country before it’s too late

Britain in the year 2025. The country is over-run by a new teenage tribe that is both timid and angry (think of slightly peeved hamsters – cute but nasty-tempered little buggers).
Their mothers are church-going cancer-obsessed housewives who spend their days beating away council bin spies from Atlantis.
Their fathers are hard-working white-collar workers who have to dodge the hordes of asylum-seeking gipsy policemen on their way to the office every morning.
These youngsters are the result of an evil new experiment.
Today, the Daily Mail launched a dating website which “it hopes will bring like-minded Daily Mail readers together”.
Britain, be very afraid.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a great idea. You see these paranoid nazi couples will point-blank refuse to vaccinate their children for fear of them developing autism/cancer/humanity (delete as appropriate). There lieage will come to a grinding halt within a couple of decades and the human race as a whole will be better off. This site is the best idea ever...