October 24, 2008

"I award this film..."

Those of us on the correct side of the pond who have an interest in sceptical thinking have observed with some wry amusement the "debate" between science and religion that seems so bafflingly important in the USA.
Here's the DVD cover of a film which had about the same cultural and box office impact as a mouse fart in a tempest. Expelled is, apparently, an anti-evolution argument - a concept which does not compute. It's a bit like being anti-gravitist or anti-cloudist: rail against a scientifically robust concept on the grounds that it contradicts the teachings of your made-up Bronze Age desert sky ghost. Still, if there's money in it...
Upholding the intellectual credibility of this enterprise is this wonderful promotional strategy: have the morose "star" of the film, Ben Stein, award it four, er, stars.

via Skepchick

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Jetpacks said...

Ben Stein is a weird creature: economist, sometime actor, game show host, right-wing apologist.

And in all of those roles, he's always a totally annoying dick.