December 13, 2007

Kick a kitten. Kick SJP

I just don't get Sarah Jessica Parker. Last time I criticised her on the company intranet I had poo flung at me by hordes of angry women of a certain age, who regard her as something of a symbol of feminine empowerment.
She was the worst thing about Sex & The City and now I have to endure her bloody awful fragrance ad in the pre-Xmas run up.
b3ta regular weebl has taken on this post-feminist icon. He's a brave boy.


Jetpacks said...

If we analyzed this closely, we'd probably arrive at the unfortunate conclusion that SJP is popular mainly among talentless, ugly women. She gives them hope.

Make the logo bigger said...

She also has a line of inexpensive clothes. Because she’s one of us you know.

FishNChimps said...

oh no, never say she's one of us

Guernican said...

The first fragrance?

Possibly the most ominous sentence I've heard on television since Gordon Brown was elected.

Chris said...

I used to watch Sex and Shitty, but her shrill screaming (also known as a delightful squeal) turned me off. Way off.

She makes me wretch.