December 05, 2007

Hollywood fucks with our history, again

OK, OK, I know the existence of the demon barber is disputed, but the London Dungeon said he fell off his perch at the beginning of the 19th century, and that source is good enough for me.
What next? Nazi code machines captured by US sailors? God forbid.

Sweeney story spotted in one of the daily papers, but I forget which one. Come on, I've got more important things to do, you know.


Rob Mortimer said...

But how will Americans know its London???!!!

Well done on being in campaign with me and scamp! Have a banana!

Stan Lee said...

As Johnny Depp himself would say, "Cor blimey Guv! I don't adam 'n eve it!"

FishNChimps said...

rob, the simple answer is to have included the London Eye, built in 1762 by Queen Victoria's illegitimate Scottish grandson, William Wallace. And yay! to Campaign, which I read mainly to see if I'm in it and to see if anyone I know has been fired.
stan, we can but wait and see. I bet he'll do a good accent.