November 19, 2007

Old wine, new bottles

Remember how Lucozade, tired of its medicinal claims, relaunched itself as a rejuvenating sports elixir and carved itself a new market? Here's something similar.
Clever clogs Nicole Kidman (brains and beauty, yet all the women I work with hate her; yes that Chanel ad was pretty disgusting but she did put up with a high-maintenance cross-eyed midget with a Napoleon complex for ten years, so cut her some slack) fronts a battery-operated puzzle system designed to make train commuters feel they're not wasting their travel time.
I'm not knocking it - but brain training is not new. I've been doing it for years.
It's called reading a book.
(BTW, who the fuck is Dr Kawashima?)

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Rob Mortimer said...

Japanese Dr/scientist guy who claims regular excercise of the brain in this way help maintain a healthy brain!

Shame she can't act in these ads.

Charles Frith said...

What is it with the ladies and Nicole Kidman. It's pathological I tell ya.